Inspired by the natural scents on an evening stroll through the countryside, we created Hana Blossom candles. Scented with essential oils of blossoms, they are a joy to the senses. Hana Blossom designs are inspired by nature. They are designed in London and individually hand crafted by local artisan co-operatives in Thailand. 

 We work closely with our makers to ensure they have a good working environment and pay them the fair prices. We pay fair prices that cover the full cost of production and enable a living wage and other fair rewards to be earned by producers. We encourage the fair treatment of all workers, ensuring good conditions in the workplace and throughout the supply chain. We aim to build up long-term relationships, rather than looking for short-term commercial advantage. 

Our candles are 100% handmade. Thanks to the beautiful and high handcrafted skills of our candle makers making these beautiful flower candles for us. Every piece is unique with its own character, yet vegan and cruelty free. We hope you will enjoy our products.