About Us

Inspired by the natural scents on an evening stroll through the countryside, we created Hana Blossom candles.

Scented with essential oil of blossoms they are a joy to the senses. Hana Blossom candles wear a stylish shade of colour from top to toe so are glamorous wherever they are.

Established in 2001 by Thang Tho ltd. Our products are designed in London and beautifully handmade by local artisan co-operatives in the Thailand. The flower petals are individually hand crafted and formed into flower shapes. All of our product designs are inspired by real flowers and nature found in the natural world. We support eco-friendly and cruelty free products and packagings. We hope you will enjoy our products.

For trade customers of Hana Blossom candles, please contact us or visit our trade website at  www.thangtho.com